We embrace the entire business solution, not just the technology.

We are not here just to create, but to rapidly provide effective and sustainable solution to help our clients to become lean and grow their business.

We are back to BASIC.

Our Development Services

  • Add, enhance (or even remove) functionalities from existing software
  • Connect or integrate multiple software via web services
  • Large data migration, manipulation, consolidation and custom reporting
  • Green field (new software development)

Our Development Experience

  • Banking and Finance System (Risk Management)
  • Security Access Control Level (ACL)
  • Automated Backup Scripting
  • Data Migration from RDBMS, Excel, CSV or Text
  • Networked Kiosk

Currently in research and development:

  • Dynamic Data Entry System
  • Multi-Dimensional Real Time Reporting System

Standard development language/platform:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework (C# with ASP.NET)
  • PHP
  • Adobe ColdFusion

Standard database system:

  • Microsoft SQL
  • MySQL

Our Lean Software Development Methodology

  • Reduce waste (prioritize and eliminate waiting*)
  • Encourage learning (end user testing* and short iteration)
  • Delay change (until assumption and prediction are validated)
  • Deliver fast (smaller modules but faster delivery)
  • Encourage listening (both way)
  • Build integrity (encourage refactoring and testing)

* Skip excessive documentation and bureaucratic approval